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originally released June 25th, 2008, Nickasaur modernized electronic pop music with "RAWR!" which can be seen in many DesandNate videos, Mitchell Davis videos, and various vlogs across the internet :D

Release tracks

Love at First Sight 3:39
Track 1 of Nickasaur's "RAWR" album
Rocketships and Radios 3:54 Pro
Track 2 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" album!
xoxo 3:55
Track 3 of Nicksaur's "RAWR!" album!
Dear June 3:58 Pro
Track 4 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" Album!
Extra, Extra 3:34
Track 5 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" Album!
Queen Bee 4:05 Pro
Track 6 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" Album!