Open Soundtrack License

The purpose of SOVNDWAVE is not just to be a marketplace for soundtracks and background music for YouTube videos. Our mission is to improve online videos through better background music.

Making good soundtrack music more available for YouTube creators isn't just about compiling tracks, it's about making the process easier to understand and execute. Sites like YouTube have expanded video as a tool for musicians, but musicians have lacked a clear license that is aware of the difference between a video on YouTube and a new car commercial.

That's why we've created the Open Soundtrack License v1:

Every song you download from SOVNDWAVE comes with a license to use the song in your own videos with attribution with no royalty as long as they are created primarily for an open platform.

"Every song"
Every song on SOVNDWAVE comes with the Open Soundtrack License. You can sign up for a free account and use all of our free tracks in your videos. If you go Pro you can use our Pro tracks.

"No royalty"
Once you download our tracks you may use them according to the Open Soundtrack License without ever having to pay a royalty for using the song.

"Your own videos"
The Open Soundtrack License only grants you rights to use our songs on your own videos. This is a single user license.

"With attribution"
When you download a song from SOVNDWAVE you will be shown the exact attribution text to include. You must include this attribution in the closest description of your video to stay compliant with this license.

"Created primarily for an open platform"
The Open Soundtrack License covers videos created and released primarily on an open platform. We define an open platform as one where nearly anyone can create an account and upload videos, such as YouTube, Vine or Vimeo (as opposed to Netflix or Hulu).

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