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• Wait, is Sovndwave free or what?

Signing up for Sovndwave is totally free and will give you free access to a bunch of royalty-free songs! Some songs, we call them Pro songs, require a Pro account which is just $7.99 per YEAR, giving you unlimited access to the ENTIRE Sovndwave Library!

• Are these songs just for YouTube? I'm more of a Vimeo kind of video person.

Feel free to use songs you've downloaded from Sovndwave as background music for anything that we would consider an open video platform. Vine, Vimeo, Facebook, just about anywhere that nearly anyone can upload is fair game!

• Do you guys have any Rap instrumentals? What about Country? I can’t find any!

We are totally working on it! Right now there are only a few releases and tracks in our library but we are working hard on getting more music onto this site ASAP!

• What’s kind of benefits does a Pro account give me?

Going Pro gets you access to all of our Pro songs and helps support this site. The more this site grows, the more music you'll have access to!

• Can I cover any of these songs?

Songs on Sovndwave are released under the Open Soundtrack License which only grants rights as background music. You may want to reach out to the songwriter for rights to cover their song!

• What kind of file formats are the songs offered in?

All Sovndwave songs are in MP3 or AIFF format and should import into Final Cut, iMovie, Premiere and many others without any conversions necessary.

New free tracks

Linear Sweep 16Hz-20kHz, 1/f^2 power spectrum 0:05
Album artwork
Runs (Hip Hop Beat) 2:10
E dm 2 album art
Watch Out For That Creeper 3:31
a Minecraft-styled dance song for the Minecrafters! ;)
Pilgrims 4:46
12:00 Midnight 4:42
The Vibe 7:15
Scares from Hairs 3:52
Sparkles! 3:31

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