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HEY, YOU?! YEAH YOU!! LISTEN TO MORE EDM, NOW!!! EDM since 15....I make noise that my fans call "Music" for some reason...meh

Music from PixL8te

After almost a year since the release, I've decided to put the album on here for you YouTuber's to use as you wish in your videos! If you enjoy the album and want to buy it for personal listening and sharing uses, Please visit the link below! :D BUY "E=DM²" here! -

Release tracks

Name It Yourself E=DM² 4:21
Dark Days in Lighted Areas E=DM² 3:39
Late Night Smoke Party E=DM² 7:23
A live recorded studio mix
Maybe Kinda, Sorta Like A Video Game? E=DM² 2:18
Sparkles! E=DM² 3:31
Scares from Hairs E=DM² 3:52
The Vibe E=DM² 7:15
Watch Out For That Creeper E=DM² 3:31
a Minecraft-styled dance song for the Minecrafters! ;)
12:00 Midnight E=DM² 4:42
Pilgrims E=DM² 4:46