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We are Pitchfork Studios from Bangalore, India. We compose, record, mix and master music, speech, special effects and all kinds of audio! Come check us out! And if you happen to use our content, do mention us in your credits!

Music from Pitchfork Studios

A collection of acoustic guitar tracks recorded at Pitchfork Studios.

Release tracks

Acoustic Lake Acoustic Bliss 1:42
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings at its sweetest.
Acoustic Magic Acoustic Bliss 1:31
Melodic and fun finger picked acoustic guitar strings!
Acoustic Suspension Medley Acoustic Bliss 1:25
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings on a very melodic suspended A key. Straightforward melody at its best!
Acoustic Leaves Acoustic Bliss 2:23
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings and chords that begin in a sad and broken but liven up later and progress toward a energetic ending!
Acoustic Blues Paranoia Acoustic Bliss 0:49
A simple and straightforward blues track played on a couple of acoustic guitars, followed by bass and drums to spice things up a little. A laid back and mellow track, all in all.
Acoustic Modulation Acoustic Bliss 2:55
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings, melody, key modulations, energy...this track has it all!