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I'm young kid who is trying to show what I can do and to hopefully become very successful one day

Music from HIGHT

This is my first release as an electronic musician so i hope you enjoy.

Release tracks

Party Rifle Receptive 2:49
This took along time making i got some advise from a friend before releasing it here's a link below of the song.
Receptive Receptive 3:29
This is my personal favorite song I was in basement when i made this one haha funny but it is my favorite and i hope it becomes yours link below
Pounce Receptive 4:37
This one was is has alot of bass, which is great from my pov link below
Extra terrestrial bass Receptive 7:00
this is really my passion song so we got that going but please enjoy link below
Don't stop the drop Receptive 3:04
This was actually the first song I ever made so it's a bit off so enjoy link below