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Music from Destery Smith

Instrumentals to songs i've been working on since 2008! A lot of them I just never finished to make into actual songs, so here they are for your listening pleasure :D

Release tracks

"I Was a Nice Dragon" Instrumentals 1:52
Silent Keys Instrumentals 1:58
I had like the hardest time naming this song because it's original project file is called "some weird". lol. made this song back in 2010, enjoy!
Hopeful Nights Instrumentals 2:06 Pro
At Peace Instrumentals 0:41
A Smile's All I Need Instrumentals 1:52
A song I started making in 2008! SO OLD. The marimba really sets a happy tone for the rest of the song :O
VAGTASTIC [Instrumental] Instrumentals 1:08 Pro
The instrumental for my song from my video IDEK 8! ENJOY :D
Super Action Trailer Music (From IDEK 10) Instrumentals 1:15
So I made this song to go with my video called IDEK 10 - Movies, which was released in 2010! I had to make it because no other site was offering a reasonable price for royalty free music, so I made my own! ENJOY!
Rise To The Top [Incomplete from 2011] Instrumentals 1:58 Pro
A song I made in 2011 after I was inspired by some Funky Disco House I was hearing at the time. Enjoy :D
Mail Vlog Music Instrumentals 1:05
this is a track I made for the mail vlog videos I never got around to! It has a very 8-bit chip tune feel :D
Farther Away Instrumentals 2:36 Pro
The Girl Who Made Miracles Instrumentals 2:42 Pro
Hyper-ION Instrumentals 2:05 Pro
Candy Sunday Instrumentals 1:58 Pro
Disco Flu Instrumentals 2:06 Pro
Farther Away Instrumentals 2:36 Pro
IDEK 9 1/2 Song! Instrumentals 3:23
Forever Be [Rough Draft] Instrumentals 3:27 Pro
A song I originally added to my sound cloud, I uploaded it here for your use! ENJOY!
Hyper-ION Instrumentals 2:05 Pro
An upload from my sound cloud, Hyperion is such a strange song, I'm not even sure what the genre is.
David After Dentist [Remix Instrumental] Instrumentals 3:20 Pro
This is the instrumental for a David after dentist mashup remix I tried making in tribute to Pogo's amazing mashup music. I never completed the song, but the instrumental is still very solid and very fun. ENJOY!
Fallen Symphony Instrumentals 1:27
ONE OF the FIRST songs I've ever made, I reworked it to sound very fancy and pretty, and am really glad how it came out! Enjoy!
Some of my really happy upbeat house songs :D expect these to be sung to sometime in the future :D

Release tracks

Nearly There Electronic Poptarts 3:05 Pro
Another Electronic Poptart song (thus why it sounds similar to Lets Stay Young, Balloon Party, and Those Late Nights) That gave me this feeling of chasing the unknown when listening to it. Like trying to chase a dream, but not knowing how or where it leads. Thats why thanks to Nathan, this song is called "Nearly There"
Those Late Nights Electronic Poptarts 1:34
So this is sort of funny: This song was made accidentally. I was asked in my last video "What I would want to hear if I met God at the pearly gates". My answer was: I want him to invite me into heaven with an 80s style rap song with matching dance moves. I was working on the outline of the song, and then... it became too good. This is the result of me trying to make an 80s style rap song that turned into another Electronic Poptart.
There were a ton of songs in the album "Instrumentals 1" So I made another with more awesome stuff I've made!

Release tracks

Envoltura Plastica Transparente Instrumentals 2! 1:56
Yes, the name means "Plastic Wrap" in Spanish. I had nothing else to name this song so I just looked at a random object in my house and named it that.
Insomnia Instrumentals 2! 2:09 Pro
So i created this song one day when I was REALLY sleepy, and I thought the instrumental sounded really pretty, so I just sang random stuff to it, and here is the song Insomnia now!
Haunted Dreams Instrumentals 2! 2:33 Pro
This is actually probably one of my favorite songs I've made. It really gave me a sad vibe when I was writing it, But also very happy. I seem to make this kind of vibe a lot. xP
Dance Dance Revolution Instrumentals 2! 1:55
This song totally reminded me of like an "INTRO SONG" for a dance dance revolution game. I can just totally imagine the guy's voice over this saying "STEP LEFT! STEP RIGHT! YOU'RE DOING GREAT!!" loll
One Way Out Instrumentals 2! 3:26 Pro
This song was actually featured in a Buzz Feed video! :D It was inspired by a ton of different things, actually, and has a really strange, calming vibe to it!
Christmassy Random Stuff Instrumentals 2! 3:16 Pro
I really had no name for this one. Another work by Tommy Patzius and I!
Skeletal Manslaughter Instrumentals 2! 3:30
One of my OLDEST songs, I made this song in early 2008. HOLY CRAP THATS OLD. The fact that my prowess in music making wasn't all that much during this time excuses how simple and calm the song is. xD
Could Only Hear a Voice Instrumentals 2! 1:00
another super old song of mine. made probably sometime in 2009, I got on a super cute/indie music wave that I am still riding
242 Sun Instrumentals 2! 2:50 Pro
This track I made while it was 2:42 in the morning and the sun was creeping in the blinds of my studio. I made the song from the simple loop in the beginning. I wouldn't say this is my best work ever, but I certainly enjoy it a lot.
Reflection Instrumentals 2! 1:57
A really short, LOOPABLE song you can use for cute sort of occasions in videos! :D
Waves Instrumentals 2! 4:34 Pro
another song I made A LONG time ago, probably in early 2008 or something. I remastered it in 2012, so it sounds pretty sexy :D
Unlikely Hero Instrumentals 2! 1:04
I made this in late 2013 and I really hate how stuck in my head it gets. Loopable song
Nothing Between Us Instrumentals 2! 2:20 Pro
probably my favorite of my songs from Soundcloud. Its very emotional for me, even when I was making it I was like. WOW. haha