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All tracks

Linear Sweep 16Hz-20kHz, 1/f^2 power spectrum 0:05
Album artwork
Runs (Hip Hop Beat) 2:10
E dm 2 album art
Watch Out For That Creeper 3:31
a Minecraft-styled dance song for the Minecrafters! ;)
Pilgrims 4:46
12:00 Midnight 4:42
The Vibe 7:15
Scares from Hairs 3:52
Sparkles! 3:31
Maybe Kinda, Sorta Like A Video Game? 2:18
Late Night Smoke Party 7:23
A live recorded studio mix
Dark Days in Lighted Areas 3:39
Name It Yourself 4:21
Img 20130209 215154 0 square cropped
Machine Learned Dreams 5:36
fantasy bgm
Summer album
Melodies 3:20
Oakhill 3:54
Sunrise 4:46
Lazy 3:05
Sand 3:05
Block man dan
Yappaa 7:17
A glorious 7 minute long edm song
8 bitty 0:32
A 32 second 8-bit song good for intro or outro maybe or you could loop it
hey 1:26
A short 8-bitty kinda thing
westsiiiiiddee... of a little town in New Hampshire 1:57
west coast inspired hip-hop beat
Itsa trappa 4:24
This song is a trap inspired beat
Happiness 3:39
Heads Up 3:46
Gyroscope 3:28
Gamers 3:50
United 3:10
Universe 3:20
Atmosphere 2:19
Afternoon 3:34
Love 2:56
Load Game 3:22
Profile 3
Constellation 4:10
Calm electro track with atmospheric vibes.
Combustion 3:50
Electro/Melodic Single with occasional guitar riffs.
Retribution 4:32
Electro/Complextro track with powerful build ups and bass heavy kicks. *Made in FL Studio, 126 bpm* Hope you enjoy!
Itny standard
Underwater 4:27
Beach Documentary 4:08
Beach House 3:23
The Light In The Sky 3:48
Falling Down 3:11
Tumblr nexjhi7xwr1qgvtt4o1 500
Looks Out! 3:02
Let's Be Different 1:00
Wallow x3 1:07
Wierd 2:34
Light texture2320
Palm tree 2:41
Visions 2:42
Another World 1:19
Moment of Truth 2:48
Night Travels 4:34
Through The Maelstrom 5:23
Untitled drawing 1 converted
Five Night Fright 3:39
A groove based on the horror game Five Nights At Freddy's by Scott Cawthon!
Dead Skin 0:31
A song used for horror-related stuff!
2 0:31
A song that can be used for horror-related stuff!
Rainbow Reboot 2:01
A groove based on the creepypasta called Rainbow Factory!
Stardust (w/ Namice) 3:17
Rival 3:26
Runaway 3:39
Endless Road 5:09
Rainbow (ft. Namice) 3:02
Tumblr mudag5dfvj1rx8fsuo1 1280
Saving SkyCity - Come On, Come on (Instrumental Cover) 2:16
If you use this Shout Me Out :3 Like My Page Please <3
Saving SkyCity - Pink Ocean 1:35
Send me your videos on fb :D
Saving SkyCity - Jumping Off The Sky Tower 2:58
Shaving SkyCity - Coffee and Cigarettes (Never Shout Never Cover) Instrumental Version 2:37
i'm thinking of putting vocals in it in the future :3 Check My Youtube channel out :P
OH,Um...Hi? (instrumental version) 2:57
Check My Youtube channel out :3
Answer 4:37
Parasitic Retaliation 4:30
million prayer 1:53
Peaceful background score
You'll Find Me 2:51
electronic pop with vocals
08 johnny foster %c3%a2%e2%82%ac%e2%80%9c once upon a time   hyouka   rain flowers leaves school uniforms skirts outdoors plants anime boys closed eyes umbrellas bags ani high
Quiet 3:11
Wanna' Run 2:57
Run 3:30
Give It To Me Now 2:29
Shake It 2:33
Let's Go Now 3:35
Power 2:59
Rainbow (ft. Namice) 3:02
No Limits 4:39
Energetic dance music
Dancing Cloud 3:15
Happy dance music
Screen shot 2015 08 27 at 11.15.59 pm
Adrenaline Rush 2:30
Adrenaline Rush
6785859 dark anime wallpaper
We Up In This 1:07
Starbright 3:26
Woohoo 2:57
Get The Big Beat Goin' 2:34
There's No Time 2:50
Strange 2:28
Break 1:52
One of my demos! Hope you enjoy!
Finality 4:03
Fox Alive 4:03
Broken glass
Sleep Away 2:31
Sleep Away is bought sleeping away the nightmares and sadness that resides within you
Images %283%29
Sleep Away 2:31
Hospital background
Death 2:08
wow dude, who died?
Unicorn tears album cover
Unicorn Tears 4:53
I made this for Tori A.K.A KibaXKima.
The long way 4:19
just listen to it
Tumblr mbt9yfn23r1rwsn1to1 500
Sakura 2:51
A piano only track. Tranquil and peaceful. Reminiscent of Studio Ghibli movies.
Spaghetto 2:35
Landslide ft. Geek 3:11
Ball So Hard (Clouds Remix) 3:19
Bricks (Bootleg) 3:06
Screen shot 2015 03 15 at 00.32.02
Bitterness (ft. Laura James) 1:43
Relaxed electronic track; mastered. Nice drop, pretty gentle, hopefully a track you enjoy:)
Promise 4:11
Tears 4:41
Smile 2:33
My Angel 3:13
Kissing Razors 3:28
Humble flower
Barely Young 3:43
Electronic pop
Twisted wings by lexariusssorcalucard d3frgfl
Gravity Inverted 3:46
Retaliate 3:57
Tossing Forklifts 3:05
Eliminate the Liar 3:27
Welcome to Insanity 3:28
My one and only 3:48
This Is Goodbye Ft. GasolineHE4D 5:22
Prank Call 3:42
Never want you to say goodbye your the only reason i feel alive you keep me going through hard times yeah your the only reason I feel alive It started with a prank call when I thought Ive seen it all who could guess how far in love we'd fall sleepless nights on the phone whispers in the sweetest tone Reminding me that I am not alone blame it on a prank call that you made so long ago we talked and we laughed and even though its in the past you saved my life saved my soul saved me from my lonely role patched together all the holes in my heart from years untold as time goes by our love grows deeper Like roots of a flower but only sweeter but unlike flowers our love wont whither It will not die it wont be bitter and if you must shed your tears I'll give you my heart as a souvenir make the pain disappear help you face your deepest fears here to stay wont go away are you here to stay? don't go away! Never want you to say goodbye your the only reason i feel alive you keep me going through hard times yeah your the only reason I feel alive It started with a prank call when I thought Ive seen it all who could guess how far in love we'd fall sleepless nights on the phone whispers in the sweetest tone Reminding me that I am not alone
What are we fighting for 3:12
Electric Fuctrocution 3:12
Heart like shattered glass 3:12
When no ones left to care 3:45
High 2:48
Drowning in flames 3:37
Halloween 3:05
Chill 4:02
All I ever wanted 3:41
Forsaken 4:11
Cheating death 3:10
Tell me what you believe 3:47
Ever been hit with a tea kettle? 4:25
Just another rainy day 3:31
Anti Hero 3:54
Flying 3:12
Antichrist Angel 3:28
Eternal 3:01
Hopes and Dreams 3:20
God Deceiver 3:47
Bigger Breaths 4:26
Chill g-funk style electronic music
Beast 4:54
Tough hip-hopish electronic music
Unstoppable 4:20
One of my old songs remastered. Drum n bass.
Scarecrow 4:57
Trap-style song or beat
Dobs 325 4:30
Agressive electro
Sacrifice 4:22
Calm and relaxing background music
Winner 4:00
Glitchy sounding Electro/Complextro
Forward 4:06
Frustration 3:36
Fearless 4:02
Energetic House or Electro
Ryuk   death note by srmoro d6j5fgs
Burry me 3:39
Power Surge 0:12
Continue The Fight 0:27
Not Over 0:27
Another short instrumental music piece! ENJOY:)
Victory! 0:26
A short Intrumental music piece! ENJOY:)
Img 0351
Waving Back 3:42
Chill, sad, ambient. Still grooves though. :)
Gorgeous Life 3:52
Just a happy ambient dance tune.
Doctor Who Theme Remix 1:17
Feat. Eleven and Susan
User pic  1
Yea That Happened 0:27
Battle No. 1 1:53
Use this shit for battle.
[Insert hip name here] 1:17
This is my first song, so it probably sucks. :(
[insert dad joke] 0:52
Barbecue skills +100
Just because i play WoW, doesnt mean im a nerd 1:32
Dont let anyone tell you that you're a nerd. You're so gangster.
Pimpin' in my Honda Civic 0:31
just an average jam (loopable)
No sex, no drugs, just Jesus 0:48
I dont really know where this one came from, but its got a weird vinyl scratch at the beginning and then an odd beat that i kinda like. you could probably loop it if you need it to be longer.
EGEY 1:20
Emptiness cover art
Emptiness 5:11
A one of a kind special track I've been working on for several weeks. Let go, and enjoy. Peace...
Song 1 2:22
Tranquillity [Liquid DnB] 3:21
Tremor [Liquid DnB] 3:56
Shockwave [Big Room] 2:16
Manipulate [Trap] 3:42
Avatars 000004963679 v27dvv t500x500
Ratz 1:08
Interception 3:04
Music Spring (remix) 1:47
Sewer War Heroes 5:14
Coma 2:21
Tonight 3:42
Far Far Away 3:30
Lighthouses 3:27
Citric Acid 4:21
Taste of Cuba 5:48
Ever wonder what dub-step sounds like in Cuba? Well now you know!
Breakthrough 2:17
A song about breaking through a wall of fears
Images %284%29
Strobe-light Party 3:19
Get in my head 2:35
It will get in your head... You have been warned..!
Robot Lunch Break 3:50
What happens when you mix food and robots? BOOM this song.
10408713 1433757673567745 557818231333916463 n
Runaway 3:25
This was my first recording, it's a bit of a draft, but I love the airy feeling ;-;
1509183 639903942733021 930326070 n
Diffrent and new 4:38
This was going on my album that is going to be released on google pla but I want you guys to get to use it so I took it off. Enjoy!
Nr.17 4:52
A track that is a bit more minimal, perfect for videos that needs something in the background.
Hollow 5:40
A very smooth and chill track taking use of many different melodies to create an atmospheric vibe.
Stuck 1:08
a softer sound with a mixup of genres
Album cover
Fly High 3:27
Alone 3:23
Velociraptor Anus 1:55
Not sure what it is, but it's loopable! Hope your day is as rad as your butt.
Science, Bitch! 1:15
A little 8 bit-ish thing with a dubstep beat, loopable. Go learn some science.
Double Sided Cupcake 3:15
This is the first song i've ever made so idk
Bft nep
Time Travel 4:07
Number 3 on Begging For Tomorrow's debut EP on their techno side, Nebula.
582749main sunrise from iss 4x3 946 710
Sunrise 1:32
A melodic track I made. Enjoy!
Archangel tyrael wallpapers 33609 1280x720
Xylom - Deep Down [DnB] 2:48
Xylom - Angels [Liquid DnB] 4:00
Artworks 000082676506 u7s415 t500x500
Perpetuate 4:44
A 150 bpm dubstep track with big kicks and sexy supersaws.
Pondering Thought 1:58
the original to the remake
Milky Wayve 3:34
my first song ever
Pondering Thought "Remake" 2:11
Check it out for yourself guys!
Bft ln
Long Nights 3:56
Our band, Begging For Tomorrow's first track, Long Nights. We hope for good feedback!
Recess 4:22
Img 20140509 201518
When She's Gone 3:36
When you miss that one person you really need.
Music red
The Beginning [Orchestral] 1:36
Everyday [Orchestral] 1:48
Tension [Orchestral] 0:34
Peace At Last [Ambient] 3:00
Dark Visions [Trance] 2:53
Runaway With Me [Electrotechno] 3:07
Through The Sky [Electrotechno] 2:33
Prevail [Chiptune] 3:05
Kittenz [Chiptune] 2:51
Acoustic Blues Paranoia 0:49
A simple and straightforward blues track played on a couple of acoustic guitars, followed by bass and drums to spice things up a little. A laid back and mellow track, all in all.
Acoustic Leaves 2:23
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings and chords that begin in a sad and broken but liven up later and progress toward a energetic ending!
Acoustic Suspension Medley 1:25
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings on a very melodic suspended A key. Straightforward melody at its best!
Acoustic Modulation 2:55
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings, melody, key modulations, energy...this track has it all!
Acoustic Magic 1:31
Melodic and fun finger picked acoustic guitar strings!
Acoustic Lake 1:42
Finger picked acoustic guitar strings at its sweetest.
F.T.F.T (For The First Time) 4:37
Same concept as the third track :P
I Can't Feel It Anymore 4:08
An old song but a lot of my friends favorites and also mine of course.
livin high 3:15
pop like dance song :P
From Your Ways 3:14
Everyone has been hurt by a lover
Avatars 000082021530 mr08tu t500x500
SCARED (Ghoulweep Remix) 2:37
Xylom - Sometime [Dubstep] 5:02
Edit of Seamless - Sometime Feat. Veela. Enjoy!
Xylom - Adagio For Strings [Trance] 3:32
Event Horizon {Drumstyle] 3:28
In Yo Face [Dubstep] 2:16
Xylom - Falling [Liquid DnB] 3:04
1149430 502105623203794 1886699277 o %281%29
216 3:23
this is a hip hop/ rap instrumental
In The Midst of a Fallen Nation 2:38
this is my kind of orchestral style instrumental
Hate 2:59
14   1
€€ GLiDiNG ¥¥ 6:16
Demo Reel (6 tracks) 3:14
Various genres of electronic music.
License and Registeration 3:45
Rap Instrumental
Pixel whispy
8-Bit Symphony IV 1:45
A nefarious chiptune with a bitcrushed beat. Enjoy!
8-Bit Symphony III 1:47
A sprightly chiptune with warm arpeggios.
8-Bit Symphony II 1:33
A punchy chiptune with wobbly synths.
8-Bit Symphony 1:41
A mellow chiptune that is loopable.
Unforeseen Cycles 8:01
follow us on instagram @ascendinglines
Paraadigim 1
Osiris 3:59
Momentum 4:09
Mind and Space 5:05
Extra terrestrial bass 7:00
this is really my passion song so we got that going but please enjoy link below
Don't stop the drop 3:04
This was actually the first song I ever made so it's a bit off so enjoy link below
Pounce 4:37
This one was is has alot of bass, which is great from my pov link below
Receptive 3:29
This is my personal favorite song I was in basement when i made this one haha funny but it is my favorite and i hope it becomes yours link below
Party Rifle 2:49
This took along time making i got some advise from a friend before releasing it here's a link below of the song.
Prulentia 1
Cuellar 2:33
Electrophobic 2:51
Jeremy icon
lAmBoNaTiOn 1:06
LamboNation 2:34
248002 166579006840093 2006081869 n
The Midnight Game 0:48
Random Encounters 1:27
Burn The Broken Home 3:06
piano score
Dungeons Make Nice Summer Homes 1:49
short 8bit thing I did
Sunset, Sunrise (feat. Jake Fox) 3:09
Reason 3:30
take me higher 3:22
Adventure 3:01
hello hello 2:50
Nephew 5:58
Chill, chiptunesque piece with a happy video game vibe. :)
Living With Positivity 4:32
Chill, turning into a relaxed but funky vibe. :)
Album maybe1
Away From Here 2:56
We Could Be 2:47
A mellow hip hop instrumental/bump, on the Rhode again
Cure Imagination 3:00
Willy wanker and the mediocre music factory
Breeze 2:42
Chillness inspired by P.SUS.
10356539 230956213768346 1530449958 n
Atmospheric Waste (demo) 0:52
Demo track.
Pitch Proof (demo) 2:03
Demo track,
Atmospheric (demo) 2:12
Demo track.
A Cold Start, 1:12
Demo track from JewelrytotheSea!
Dawn 1:28
Nootings for my girlfriend, Dawn. best days are the ones spent with her
Good Night 2:30
Mellow lullaby for you.
Hold On 3:33
Shine 1:31
short and semisad song
Tonight 3:42
Crystal Rain 3:09
Hold On Tight (Don't Let Go) 4:30
Gasp 3:19
Kewl 1:48
Kill'em All 3:43
Shock Pulse 5:06
Breach 4:35
Tri-Light 4:45
Zozerozos z
Speedy Speedy 1:15
A remix of my "Speedy Vengeance" song!
Speedy Vengeance 1:48
A nice song that's great for a YouTube intro and outro!
Comp 2 %
Final Eclipse 5:50
Artworks 000044538043 fq6b3t t500x500
Nothing Between Us 2:20 Pro
probably my favorite of my songs from Soundcloud. Its very emotional for me, even when I was making it I was like. WOW. haha
Unlikely Hero 1:04
I made this in late 2013 and I really hate how stuck in my head it gets. Loopable song
Waves 4:34 Pro
another song I made A LONG time ago, probably in early 2008 or something. I remastered it in 2012, so it sounds pretty sexy :D
Reflection 1:57
A really short, LOOPABLE song you can use for cute sort of occasions in videos! :D
242 Sun 2:50 Pro
This track I made while it was 2:42 in the morning and the sun was creeping in the blinds of my studio. I made the song from the simple loop in the beginning. I wouldn't say this is my best work ever, but I certainly enjoy it a lot.
Haunted Dreams 2:33 Pro
This is actually probably one of my favorite songs I've made. It really gave me a sad vibe when I was writing it, But also very happy. I seem to make this kind of vibe a lot. xP
Could Only Hear a Voice 1:00
another super old song of mine. made probably sometime in 2009, I got on a super cute/indie music wave that I am still riding
Skeletal Manslaughter 3:30
One of my OLDEST songs, I made this song in early 2008. HOLY CRAP THATS OLD. The fact that my prowess in music making wasn't all that much during this time excuses how simple and calm the song is. xD
Christmassy Random Stuff 3:16 Pro
I really had no name for this one. Another work by Tommy Patzius and I!
One Way Out 3:26 Pro
This song was actually featured in a Buzz Feed video! :D It was inspired by a ton of different things, actually, and has a really strange, calming vibe to it!
Dance Dance Revolution 1:55
This song totally reminded me of like an "INTRO SONG" for a dance dance revolution game. I can just totally imagine the guy's voice over this saying "STEP LEFT! STEP RIGHT! YOU'RE DOING GREAT!!" loll
Envoltura Plastica Transparente 1:56
Yes, the name means "Plastic Wrap" in Spanish. I had nothing else to name this song so I just looked at a random object in my house and named it that.
Insomnia 2:09 Pro
So i created this song one day when I was REALLY sleepy, and I thought the instrumental sounded really pretty, so I just sang random stuff to it, and here is the song Insomnia now!
Tyler martindale   descent   cover
Ocean Town (ft. Cobalt Rabbit) 4:23
This is a track that I put together with my friend Cobalt Rabbit! Big thanks to him for the percussion and final mastering. Enjoy!
350x350 000000 80 0 0
Battleship 3:08 Pro
Lazy Sunday 2:49
The Nickasaur! acoustic single, Lazy Sunday, released originally on June 7th, 2009!
Combat Chitchat 3:37
The single "Combat ChitChat!"
Imperfect 4:40 Pro
Track 7 of Nickasaur's "Attention to Detail" Album! get the full album at
Melody 4:15
Track 6 of Nickasaur's "Attention to Detail" Album! get the full album at
How To Fly 2:49 Pro
Track 5 of Nickasaur's "Attention to Detail" Album! get the full album at
Starry Eyes 4:03 Pro
Track 4 of Nickasaur's "Attention to Detail" Album! get the full album at
Blue-Eyed Brunette 3:04
Track 2 of Nickasaur's "Attention to Detail" Album! get the full album at
4628345 orig
Queen Bee 4:05 Pro
Track 6 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" Album!
Extra, Extra 3:34
Track 5 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" Album!
Dear June 3:58 Pro
Track 4 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" Album!
xoxo 3:55
Track 3 of Nicksaur's "RAWR!" album!
Rocketships and Radios 3:54 Pro
Track 2 of Nickasaur's "RAWR!" album!
Love at First Sight 3:39
Track 1 of Nickasaur's "RAWR" album
Portraits   album art
Be Kind 2:24 Pro
Manic 2:48
Simple Words 3:54
Llulagan song art
BAKA! (ばか!) 3:19
Conflation 3:18
Puurfect 2:17 Pro
Galaxies 4:54 Pro
Pepperoni... Or Nah? 1:54
You 2:19
Minecraft Love 3:28 Pro
Kitty 4:01 Pro
You Got Me 3:32
The Warriors 3:09
A3699654342 2
Same Old Rush 2:38 Pro
Take It Back 1:24 Pro
Just Like Those First Days 1:42 Pro
Go To Chords 0:55
Crunchy Synthy 1:18
Relaxed Summer Patio 1:45
Nearly There 3:05 Pro
Another Electronic Poptart song (thus why it sounds similar to Lets Stay Young, Balloon Party, and Those Late Nights) That gave me this feeling of chasing the unknown when listening to it. Like trying to chase a dream, but not knowing how or where it leads. Thats why thanks to Nathan, this song is called "Nearly There"
Those Late Nights 1:34
So this is sort of funny: This song was made accidentally. I was asked in my last video "What I would want to hear if I met God at the pearly gates". My answer was: I want him to invite me into heaven with an 80s style rap song with matching dance moves. I was working on the outline of the song, and then... it became too good. This is the result of me trying to make an 80s style rap song that turned into another Electronic Poptart.
Artworks 000033726492 v9bsv2 t500x500
Forever Be [Rough Draft] 3:27 Pro
A song I originally added to my sound cloud, I uploaded it here for your use! ENJOY!
Fallen Symphony 1:27
ONE OF the FIRST songs I've ever made, I reworked it to sound very fancy and pretty, and am really glad how it came out! Enjoy!
Silent Keys 1:58
I had like the hardest time naming this song because it's original project file is called "some weird". lol. made this song back in 2010, enjoy!
Hyper-ION 2:05 Pro
An upload from my sound cloud, Hyperion is such a strange song, I'm not even sure what the genre is.
David After Dentist [Remix Instrumental] 3:20 Pro
This is the instrumental for a David after dentist mashup remix I tried making in tribute to Pogo's amazing mashup music. I never completed the song, but the instrumental is still very solid and very fun. ENJOY!
Mail Vlog Music 1:05
this is a track I made for the mail vlog videos I never got around to! It has a very 8-bit chip tune feel :D
Rise To The Top [Incomplete from 2011] 1:58 Pro
A song I made in 2011 after I was inspired by some Funky Disco House I was hearing at the time. Enjoy :D
Super Action Trailer Music (From IDEK 10) 1:15
So I made this song to go with my video called IDEK 10 - Movies, which was released in 2010! I had to make it because no other site was offering a reasonable price for royalty free music, so I made my own! ENJOY!
VAGTASTIC [Instrumental] 1:08 Pro
The instrumental for my song from my video IDEK 8! ENJOY :D
A Smile's All I Need 1:52
A song I started making in 2008! SO OLD. The marimba really sets a happy tone for the rest of the song :O
Hopeful Nights 2:06 Pro
Farther Away 2:36 Pro
Disco Flu 2:06 Pro
Candy Sunday 1:58 Pro
Hyper-ION 2:05 Pro
The Girl Who Made Miracles 2:42 Pro
Farther Away 2:36 Pro
At Peace 0:41
"I Was a Nice Dragon" 1:52
IDEK 9 1/2 Song! 3:23

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